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Exam results will be announced on The exam results document will be issued to candidates who have passed the exam provided their exam is valid.
Applicants must pay YÖS fees in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card. The examination fees must not be sent in the form of a private check, or in an envelope, or by postal check or by similar means.
Exam application procedures are made domestically and internationally at Applications made after the application deadline are not accepted. Candidates must first pay the YÖS Exam application fees on Afterwards, they must fill in the YÖS Exam Application Form on the "Online Application" tab on the web address. Candidates who do not pay the entire application fee will not be admitted. When filling the application form: All responsibility for the results arising from the errors in the information entered in the form belongs to the candidates. The identity information fields of the form should be entered without changing the identity information of the candidate's passport without making an abbreviation. Passport photo of the candidate must be attached to the form. This photo will be on the exam entry document, exam result document, registration and on the student ID document. It must be a photo in format (4.5 x 6 cm) taken during the last three months, so that the candidate can be easily identified.
If there is not enough candidates, the agency may cancel the exam. In this case, the applicant will receive reimbursement of costs. Applicants who pay the fees but decide not to apply, or those whose applications are invalid, or those who are expelled from the exam room, or who are not allowed to the exam, or who fail the examination, or whose examination documents are invalid for any reason whatsoever, or who pay for a procedure which does not require payment can not request reimbursement of fees paid. The fees they pay cannot be credited to next days.
Basic learning skills test (80 questions) designed to measure abstract and analytical thinking. There will be no questions of physics, chemistry, biology and geography in this test. Content of questions: ● Geometry 20 ● Math 40 ● Number and letters of 20 All exam questions are "multiple choice" questions.
The questions of the YÖS basic learning skills test will be prepared and given in Turkish, English, French and other languages if necessary.
The list of candidates whose candidacies are confirmed and the examination rooms will be published on the site You can get your admission document from your agency.
Before participating, candidates must verify their exam information (exam room information) at Applicants must bring the "Examination request form", the "Admission document", the "Identity card" or the "Passport (residence permit)". The candidate will not be admitted to the exam if documents are missing. It is prohibited to use the following during the examination: communication devices such as pagers, radio transmitters, PDAs, wristwatches with calculator function and database, all kinds of devices with computer function, weapons, notebooks, books, dictionaries, electronic devices with dictionary function, calculator, spreadsheets, compass, protractor etc. The supervisor will note the names of the candidates who use these tools during the exam in the official exam room report, and the exams for these candidates will be canceled. Applicants will be admitted to the examination rooms after their identity has been checked. The exam will take place in a single session. NOTE: Do not forget your pencil and eraser during the exam. Be ready in the exam room at least 30 minutes before exam time.
All of the questions in the questionnaire book are "multiple choice" questions. Five different options are given for each question, and only one of them is the correct answer. On the answer sheet, if several options are marked for a question or if the space reserved for an option is not marked in accordance with the grading rules, the answer given for this question will be incorrect. Answers should be marked on the "answer sheet". Answers marked in the question book will not be considered. It is against the rules of exams that candidates speak, cheat and copy. The examination of the candidate who exhibits these behaviors will be canceled. At the end of the examination, each candidate must submit the book of questionnaires and the answer sheet in accordance with the rules. Applicants who do not comply with the rules or who do not submit the required documents at the end of their exam will not be considered and no exam results will be issued for these candidates.
YÖS is an examination carried out by foreign students who wish to study in Turkey. Applications for YÖS are completed on the site. Applications are only accepted during the application period. Applicants can apply for a study program at Uludag University or other universities in Turkey that accept registration with the YÖS results.
The validity period of the YOS result document is 2 (two) years.
The selection of candidates will be based on the YÖS result.
The national quota is 20%. If 5 people must be registered in a program, only 1 person from a country can participate. If 10 people, only 2 people from the same country will be accepted.
The nationality entered in the system will be considered valid. If it has not determined during registration, the registration will be canceled.
Students are admitted to universities requiring special abilities and skills such as painting, music and physical education with the special ability test system. Applicants who apply for programs that accept with the special aptitude test must enter YÖS or have an examination score internationally accepted by the Senate of universities. (Applicants must have obtained at least 50 marks on the YÖS examination organized by YÖS or other public universities.) The dates of the tests of ability and special conditions will be announced on the web pages by the units concerned.

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